For those who have not the unique and exquisite pleasure of understanding my mother tongue, here is some of my work in english. Thank you for spending some time in here.
Getty Images Nosferatu

Beyond just showing the variety of music and sound effects that Getty Images has to offer, we decided to prove it. That’s why we chose a silent film from 1922, which is already in the public domain, and we designed the sound for it from scratch. The sound design, a new soundtrack, the voices, the sound effects, the terrifying atmosphere, everything. All to recreate a masterpiece of horror.

Visa The Blank Hour

To increase the number of people who use Visa to make purchases online we created “The Blank Hour". On the last day of Daylight Saving Time, something peculiar happens: when the clock strikes midnight, it goes back to being 11pm. Technically, that entire hour stops existing. And if that hour didn’t exist, what could happen to the purchases made in that time? Customers who made purchases during that hour with Visa were informed, upon receiving the product at their homes, that the hour hadn’t existed and they wouldn’t need to pay for their products. An online spot laid out the situation and spread the word: when you use Visa, fantastic things can happen.

Kiss FM - Die Hard

Rock stars can drown in pools, get unlucky at Russian roulette, go down with planes and be flattened by gigantic hay bales, but that doesn't mean that rock dies with them.  We created a spot with scenes of these absurd ways to die, based on true stories. And we hid a few hints and Easter eggs in nearly every scene.  We published the video on Facebook, kicking off a lively conversation amongst fans about Easter eggs. And we encouraged people to keep looking, creating mechanisms that awarded prizes to those who found the hidden hints.  That way, our spot became a whole digital campaign. The digital campaign became a game. And the game became a promotion, which handed out presents from KISS FM to those fans who keep on seeking out rock and refuse to let it die. 

The Spot

The Video Case

Fox Rock in Rio

The history of rock is made of music, people and places. So, to brand Volkwagen FOX rock in rio, we created this virtual trip in the world of rock and roll. WE chose the 440 most interesting facts in the history of rock and roll and took you there, inside of a VW FOX. In each destination, you could sightsee using google's street view API, you could listen to radio shows in form of poscasts, watch videos and learn the music of this particular place. We delivered 440 pocasts and high relevance links for each destination.  Get on board and let's take a ride in the Route of Rock and Roll.