Hauck Araujo

I have about 15 years of experience as a creative art director, during the spare time I have while I'm not busy with my other activities, such as pasta taster and board games strategist. Currently I'm a freelance creative director  and creative art director. Previously, worked as a creative director for Agencia PRO, working for some local industries, such as Pastificio Santa Am├ília and Forno de Minas and before I was for 9 years a digital creative at AlmapBBDO, working for clients like Volkswagen, Visa, O Botic├írio, Havaianas, Gol Airlines, Getty Images, Antarctica Beer and Bauducco. I'm brazilian, fluent in english and I love cooking.

Cannes Lions
1 Gold/ 3 Silvers / 2 Bronzes (Nosferatu - GettyImages)
3 Bronzes (VW Trucks - Tailor Made Campaign)

2 Wood Pencils (Nosferatu - Getty Images)
1 Wood Pencil (VW Trucks - Tailor Made Campaign)

Interactive - 4 Golds / 2 Merits (Nosferatu - Getty Images)

The One Show
2 Golds/ 1 Silver/ 2 Bronzes / 2 Merits (Nosferatu - GettyImages)

Gold/Silver/Bronze (Nosferatu - GettyImages)

London International Awards
1 Gold / 4 Silvers (Nosferatu - GettyImages)

FIAP Grand Slam
4 Golds/2 Silvers/1 Bronze (Nosferatu - GettyImages)
1 Silver (Blank Hour - Visa)

El Ojo de Iberoamerica
1 Gold / 4 Silvers (Nosferatu - GettyImages)
1 Silver (Blank Hour - Visa)
1 Bronze (Surprisingly Fox - VW)

Brazilian Creative Annual
1 Silver ( Long Live Rock and Roll)
2 Bronzes (Blank Hour - Visa and Innovation Channel - VW)

WAVE Festival
Grand Prix (Innovation Channel - VW)